Wishes for the Cacapon River:

May your waters run clear,
your sick fish lose their sores,
your male basses lose their eggs,
your banks hold their ground.
your eagles soar, your kingfishers swoop,
your frogs croak, your turtles thump,
your beavers gnaw and your otters slide.
And may the Friends of the Cacapon River go on forever!

Cheers from Barbara Tufty

The River has many names...
Barbara Tufty

As the early white hunters began creeping through our woodlands, and explorers began mapping our river, they began calling it by many names they heard from the Native Americans of the area.The settlers began writing the names down, spelling them phonetically as they sounded.
Here are a few of the early names:

Cackapehon (River)
Cacaca’pon (like a rooster!)

Then the spelling became more standard
Cap Cappen Creek
Cape Capon River
Great Cacapon River

Now we pronounce it:
Caca’pon River